Camera policy
  • trucky1959 April 2012
    Are cameras allowed at the concerts?
  • trucky1959 April 2012

    I have tickets for the Houston show May 1st.



  • DrWhoDrWho April 2012
    no flash, cameras, well, it depends on the people running the venue, Roger doesn't care, JUST NO FLASH
  • Runlikehell April 2012
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  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope April 2012

    Some pix are ok, but no flash, and don't try filming it with a cell phone camera especially, I'm pretty sure according to his fb note about it, that people holding up cell phones instead of just watching the show annoys him xxx the announcement before the shows says that you can take pix, but no flash, and it depends on where you are and how close security is to you, etc....just no bootlegging/pirating whole show and you can check back on rw fb his note about how the cell phones being insulting to artist and other audience members, just a clue xxx

  • BIG_FANCY April 2012

    Thanks for your question.  Most of the venues allow cameras, however Mr Waters has asked for a definite "no flash" policy.  It is distracting to the artist.

    Just my opinion, but try to take one good photo then put away your camera and enjoy the magic.  Have fun in Houston, should be a great show.


    Forum President & CEO
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope April 2012
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