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  • stokebloke April 2012
    Excuse my ignorance but has that other zin vision forum gone now?  What's going on?  Was that Q&A with Roger Waters genuine?  What is happening with these forums??
  • YellowRoseYellowRose April 2012
    Hi stokebloke, Welcome back! If you have the time to read it, you can see most of the recent info and how it unfolded here:

    It really was quite a mess, but we are all mostly of the opinion that the other forum was created by ticket brokers to further their own agenda. They were caught lying about having tickets that part of the profit went to Amnesty International, their Q&A was a fraud, their Enigma was a fraud, and the forum was unofficial. I got all the e-mails I sent to the admin here answered and it's all documented in the above link. You should at least scan through the long thread I posted above so you can be on the lookout for the scammers. They are occassionally popping up here under different user names trying to continue the lies. We real fans need to work together to get them out of here by reporting them to the admin.We can make this forum good again!

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope April 2012

    No way, THIS was the first topic about it, started by me, how conveniently ignored then. Reg Waters says "ha ha I knew it and posted it first", yet he was still in the fake q & a. Yellow wants to act now like it was all her, yet she too, was just in that fake q & a, and believing it still. Only a WEEK AGO, does Yellow Rose finally admit what she called me a "charleton" and "crazy" over, at first.....and then putting words in my mouth at end of other topic she started about it that I don't want to keep bumping anymore..I never "admitted" anything....just more trying to turn the tables and distract from what they really did, which could have been, if not already a "theft by deception" a criminal offense....but why talk about the fraud when you can just go on and on about how skybluehope must be a man and has a fake tan and had "30 accounts", which is bullshit. the moderators know my whole story, I emailed them and told them the truth, and that's ALL, that ever needs to know it, as far as I'm concerned.....

  • anitabeat April 2012
    Hi Sky I see nobody answered to you? why? strange isn't it? I know you are telling the truth and I should say a million times that I was watching that fake forum and believing, and it was very strange and Roger Waters at that moment was in Argentina, my country,not Brazil, and in the end I sent an e mail to the official e mail adress of this forum and they told me there was not Q & A chat and they had nothing to do with that.
  • anitabeat April 2012
    everybody that wants to know something about all this and see if it is true or not should send an e mail to is the official e mail from here, if you believe in this site, sending an e mail and asking would be the best. Appart I should remember everybody that they said they were going to post a video about this q&a and I never saw it, and the forum was closed and as I was there as a Sky's friend I was banned from that place, even when I was not insulting and acting bad agains anybody there.
  • Dear stokebloke the answer is simple: skybluehope tricked everyone and has faked being a admin and created the fraud forum and Roger q and a. She has admitted this to me and laughed about it calling several people out including jcare and yellow. You can see some of this hatred right here in this very topic. I have invited admin to read the messages she sent and can prove it to anyone else who's interested. I am not much believed around here because of my love for and sky denies all of this but o have nothing to hide and never have. I have never lied about anything here you all know my name where I live and my website. Think about it she has been caught setting up the account administration and still does not acknowledge that she has done so. She was the first to point out all of the faults and was the first to say the forum was a fraud. Think of it like a police officer: who is always the main suspect when somone brings a crime forward? The person who brought it forward! She knew all the details because she was behind it all and it was a huge trick to become more liked by people around here when her popularity was at a all time low. This is the truth and the real admin knows it and so do I and sky.
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope April 2012

    Not true, more distorted lies. IF you check under my name, you can see a note left on there to me originally by the first fake admin "RWADMIN", acting as if that shit was real. then, on March 4th, that person "rwadmin" was banned from here by the REAL admin, and was actually, a scammer pretending to be the real admin. I never had anything to do with any of the fake administration, as I was one of the ones tricked over there too, and they all were banning all the "baer" guys from there to stay popular to us. So one week before the q & a, I asked to be unregistered from there, a week later, one day after the q & a, I wrote an email in to the website inquiring of the authenticity of the other forum. I received a reply that said "Roger has nothing to do with any other forums or any q & a, in any way" and also to "spread the word". So, I spread the word, and they got found out, and now, shut down.

    "Mr. Bearing" knows all of this to be true, but is just trying to confuse it, and only does it every time I post, not Yellow Rose. So I don't trust Yellow, I think she COULD be a "friendly spy", and of course, Mr. Baer is just full of shit from the beginning on here, if that's even the spammer guys. It could be the "RWADMIN" ppl, pretending to be baer guys still just trying to get back at me for finding out the truth, and then doing as I was asked and posting all about it on here. There are many topics I started in an earnest effort to reach everyone before they were frauded into buying tickets in the name of "Amnesty International". They are all further back by now because of course as long as this jack ass above is allowed to continue to spew venomous lies, nothing can ever truly be cleared up. And this forum, can never just go back to like it was before, because you see, I am BEING STALKED BY ABOVE PERSON. Please flag all his posts and report him to the real admin immediately, and also email, and complain and request he be banned, as he had many, many times before already. Stokebloke, the real administrators link is here,

    IF you click on that page, you can see the chronology of how they are in fact an "admin" and not just a "member" as all the previous fake administrators just turned out to be (and no, they didn't end up even catching and banning all of them they were coming on so fast in an effort to make ME look like the villianess instead)..but you can see how many times they banned a bunch of people for doing exactly what this retard stalkier above is doing, which is not even posting as fan or former member, but just as an instigator and a conspirator to the impersonators of Roger, and also, impersonators, of charity.....shame on you and just go away, you got caught, move on, suck it up, leave me alone and stop slandering my name, go get a hobby or a new toy or play in traffic, I don't care "baering" but EVERYONE WHO HAS EVER BEEN ANYOJNE ON HERE, can see right thru your bs lies/posts, so really, you're just wasting even more of my time...and everyone else's, and it's insulting, and you can't possibly be sane or even an adult....just a straight up twisted, demented, sick piece of shit liar, and nobody wants you here, get the hint, and leave me alone!!!

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope April 2012
    PS: In fact, it was the "baer" spammer guys that had everyone thinking they needed to run off of here in the frist place, and now look at "them" posting as if they have some credibility or something, sheesh....
  • anitabeat April 2012

    I have flagged the posting Sky, really tired of this kind of comments here again and again. Why don't everybody send an e mail to this forum and ask for the truth?

    I would like to see the video of that q & a chat, and by the how powerfull is Sky if I read charlesbaerisking comment, she made a fake forum, fake chat, fake can she do all this?

    you are lying, I know this is not true and besides I never saw you on that forum and at that moment, or may be you were there with other name, who are you?

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope April 2012
    we already have the truth Anita, it had nothing to do with this website, forum or Roger, in any way. Don't keep waiting for a video everyone knows now, just doesn't even exist. And they did just get shut down so, all we have to keep doing now, is just keep flagging, publicly documenting the complaints on the real admin page and if necessary, start emailing again. But we have to be patient too Roger just started his tour again....and they know it thats why they strike when they do, when they know it will take maybe longer to catch them at it. Also, I wonder if "baering" is just Tour, but can't they see if they haven't intimidated me by now, I don't think they will, ever......Roger's just too cute to just abandon his website on account of it, but on the other hand, if I stay away, maybe also will these bs posts. But I can't because then I read mis stated accounts by ppl like Yellow, who maybe didn't even mean it, but still, isn't REALLY saying in her post how it really happened. only she say "I do this, and I do that", never what really happened. Anyway, why should I have to be the one to have to stay away just to keep a forum free of drama? I didn't ask for this asshole to come along and ruin my good mood, yet when I don't post, neither does he. That's why he is just a stalker, not a long time member, or a customer even, or even a fan, just a stalker, and a sore loser
  • anitabeat April 2012

    I agree with you Sky, and you should not leave the place cos this is what he wants.

    So we only can keep on advertising admin about this man or woman or whoever she or he is....

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope April 2012
    thanks Anita, I do appreciate your help xxx :)))
  • anitabeat April 2012
    I am writing to real admin are welcome :))
  • Yeah...I have been in contact with admin as well and they are trying to get the profile of mine deleted that sky sent the messages too where she admitted being the fraud. You will be caught sky go ahead and "flag" me all you want because I'm flagging you too.
  • What Exactley am I being flagged for Anita? Because I am saying your friend is a fraud? I have used no profanity or disrespected her personally in any way besides tell the truth about what this person has done to you all. Wake up and look at the facts - sky created a account administration and has admitted this. Sky continues to point the finger at everyone else never admitting anything herself. Sky had over 30 accounts here including rwadmin, adminrw, administration, adminstratin and others. I am not a ticket broker and you can reach me at global Internet government website where I in turn can provide you with info surely showing sky is the fraud.
  • rogerh2o April 2012
    I messaged you twice asking for the information you said you would gladly send to anyone that asked, ive still to receive it!
  • jtreepro April 2012
    rogerh20: Don't hold your breathe: "Baer" guy is delusional, to say the least...
  • So one week before the Q&a.I asked to be unregistered from there.Lmfao

    Why dont you say the real reason Skybluenohope?You cracked the shiats spat the dummy.Like a big sook.Not being elected a Moderator.Which Rock got.And then you were abusive towards others.Mr Baer has always been full of spam and complete shiat.But after reading hes comments on you.Im actually starting to believe hes opinion on you.Maybe he actually does have a brain.If it is really him?Charlesbaerisking put your prove up for the forum to see and shoot the biatch down.Baer guy is delusional you say?Well Skybluenohope is a total fucking fruitloop.

    Cheers:Prettyboyfloyd :)

  • Send another complaint to the Mod Skybluenohope.You luv to dish it out to others.But when its back @ you.Run Rabbit run.Let the truth be told.

    Cheers:Prettyboyfloyd /\

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope April 2012

    thanks Roger H2O and Anita and jtreepro and REAL admin....:))))))) pbf: you need to take a serious chill pill in regards to me, the truth is, I left because I could see, that they weren't real, as soon as they announced the FAKE q & a, which YOU participated in, and now you can't stand that you got conned, so take it ALL, out one me, eh? I beg to differ, everything I did, i did, not only on account of only me, I did it trying to help everyone by making them aware, including you. I don't care what YOU think pbf, you have been nothng but nasty to me here since you first came here after I had to block you from my fb, and because I wouldn't send you any pvt pix of me via email. You in fact, were also, trying to con me pbf. Go talk that way to your mama, lost boy, and get a life, and stay out of my business, and yes, I WILL definitely, complain about your nasty butt ugly ass every time. "Dish it out", dish WHAT out? Show me, what am I "dishing" out, except the truth, which you obviously are still very unprepared to accept, and to handle like a mature adult. You're no better than the Baer guy, and everyone can see it, even the ones that pretend to like you just so they don't have to be on the receving end of the abuse they see YOU handing me.....that's it, in a nutshell. You think talking like that to women on public forums scores you brownie points or something? maybe only with the conspirators of the fraud, would that win  brownie points with. So, if you're looking for a job working for a ticket scalping company named greater boston tickets, then I suppose, you and your friend Rock, are on the right tracks....

    And as for "run", not going to happen. June 3rd is the one year anniversary of the re-opening of this forum, and the "run" poster, got banned three times and then permanently deleted.....along with "mr president" who is your best buddy now, seriously??? I don't think so, I think a mysoginistic butt ugly miserable guy, pbf, just saw an "opportunity" to take more cheap shots at me, where his posts/opinions, weren't warranted at all....not like that. It's one thing if you have an opinion, but you admit yourself how they are just "spammers", so obviously, that tells me, that your real problem with me, has nothing to do with your so called claims of me "dishing out" anything, it's just because, you want to push it and push me, until I post somethng that you can point your finger at. It's not going to happen pbf, I advise you to not hold YOUR breath.

  • anitabeat April 2012

    yes charlesbaer I don't know what else.....I flag you cos you are lying and do  you think you didn't disrespect her? well I think you did it, and as I know what the truth is, I know  you are not trustfull.....I was on q & a chat and I sent an e mail to forum@rogerwatersforum and I received and answer that all was fake and I see other friends are still waiting for your information and it seems you are sending nothing so what? who are you? I will deffend the truth and I know Sky is true, not you......

    And you prettyboyfloyd you are another one......why don't you talk about Roger Waters if you are a real fan instead of being here with your nasty comments, and you can believe in what you want......did you send an e mail to forum? do that and stop talking bad here!!

  • Skybluenohope

    I never participated in the Q&a what so ever.So i suggest you get your facts right.Another lie of many.

    Mysoginistic butt ugly miserable guy.Sky thats like calling the kettle black.Have you seriously looked in the mirror lately.You really make me lmfao.You stupid fucking fruit loop lol.The truth will come out Sky sooner or later.Im one of many that actually know what your all about.

    And as for you dear anitadeadbeat

    Of been listening to Floyd since you were in your nappys lol.Get off the bandwagon.As this has nothing to do with you what so ever.

    "Let the truth be told"

    Cheers:Prettyboyfloyd :)

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope April 2012
    zzzzzzzzzzzzzz not reading your posts anymore....sorry....
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope April 2012
    you know what pbf, you know me????? you know me???? I don't think you REALLY know me a little, let alone, at all, or even really know what I really look like....go ahead, post what you THINK you know, and provide proof along with it, put up or shut up, or be prepared for the consequences of your harassment, slander and bullying ... and Anita, has everything to do with it, because she also got conned... That is the last time I dignify this kind of bs from pbf and/or his buddy the baer guy by even responding (so if you can't cut me down you go after my friends eh???).....there is nothing you know, pbf, because I have nothing to hide. I'm the only one on here, probably too honest for my own good, that just says what the real deal is. And when you got rejected by me, you couldn't stand it. Long story short. Put up your "proof"/lies, and then I can copy/paste all of your ridiculous email attempts at getting me to send you pvt pix,
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope April 2012
    Just to note: Notice how pbf's smear attempts, changes the conversation from the actual fraud of the other forum, and tries to turn the "attention" on to me??? Just another ploy, by another, stupid butt ugly boy....
  • anitabeat April 2012
    Am I dead pretty boy? well I am still talking after should be uglyboyfloyd cos you have nothing of pretty and why do you attack Sky? do you know her so well to say all this. Who are you?  Shout your mouth please and stop with all your stupid comments........who sent you? are you being payed for this? are you one of the other fakes with another name? leave me in peace, and don't make this Roger Waters's forum a dirty place with your presence here. You should be banned very soon and take my word that you will as you deserve........uglyboyfloyd........what do you know about Pink FLoyd? tell something about all your knowledge instead of being insulting and harassing all the time....ok?  
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope April 2012
    Just like my HUNCH, about fake forum was right, so is my "hunch" about pbf. Oughta be ashamed of himself.
  • anitabeat April 2012

    As your hunch was correct with fake forum it will be also correct about this person. I think he isn't ashamed of himself. He has no brains to think so much.

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope April 2012

    Well, we were speaking for a period of about three days, sometime last summer on fb. Then, he started getting all weird and possessive on me, clearly he was very immature for me, irregarless of both our ages, and then he started trying to con me saying he wanted me to come to Australia to see the Wall from almost front row with him, and stay with him for like a week at his house there, but kept persisting that I should send him "pics" and/or "more pics". Evidently (I think) he couldn't handle my "tanning series" as mostly being about the experimental art process, and misconstrued it (as a lot do but they don't go as far as him), so when he started mocking my sudden bout with bells palsy last summer (sudden temporary paralyzation to one side of your face), I felt as if that was really weird, so I blocked him. NOW, ever since, he just hates me. But, he really doesn't know Anita, all he saw mostly, was my tan butt, everything else I'm in sun glasses...except for maybe last Halloween ( before I had the eyelid surgery) as " big bad sexy wolf", other than that, he really does just not know at all, the "whole package". Only a juvenile with the mentality of a 13 year old, would talk to women like that at all...anywhere. I know he's way off so just keep logging the complaints and if he doesn't stop soon and/or isn't just banned from here. I'm calling australia police....or something...

    I mean, we/I, weren't even talking about him, or to him, or even thinking about him, and he just jumps in, like it's all about "pbf" now, yuk! and also, supporting what he HAS to know are all lies by spammers and con artists, (takes one to know another I guess)

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope April 2012
    There is a LOT of mysoginism in this world. I'm not like my mother, I don't share her old feelings of "all men are scum", but as I am in my 40's, I notice it more and's almost downright scary to me. A lot of men, just get old and sadly, the whole time resenting women or hating on women. Especially middle aged to old ones....I never noticed that when I was in my 20's, the "mysoginism", but it really exists. That's why we voted for the "black guy" over the "woman" for president (lol) (at the end of the day) - no, just joking!!! Anyway, it's real, it exists, and men that aren't like that wouldn't also notice it as much, and I PRAY, that isn't how Roger thinks too about woman. I should find me a big dude and marry him and let him teach me how to shoot guns (I did target practice once before with a friend in police dept years ago he did as hobby and took me and I shot it and it was scary feeling), but this way, when these friggin twisted sick bastards that can't figure out that every woman, is NOT their mother and/or ex wives, comes a knockin on MY door to rape/kill me and stash my body parts in their basements, I can defend myself and/or let my big ass husband kick their asses in for me.. (LOL)!!!
  • anitabeat April 2012
    Ah well, now I understand why his behaviour is, but he doesn't have the right to act this way, he should leave you alone and not disturbing you anymore.....for how long does he still wants to bother you? no way, he should stop and this is not a place to come and attack a friend for something he didn't have in the past. This is a Roger Waters's forum but may be he doesn't mind where he is making all this postings......
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope April 2012
    exactly Anita, that's exactly how I feel about it. I saw him here, was leaving him alone for the most part, tried to be cordial, but he just hated everything I ever tried to say, so now, he should move on, and just leave me, and you now, the hell alone xxx
  • anitabeat April 2012 funny Sky!   I don't think that Roger has this same thoughts, I can't believe he should think this way.

  • I will just go ahead and post the comment below for all to see. There i smuch more then what I have, but because I hae lost most of my accounts I cant share more. I have contacted admin to see if they can get into my old account and await to hear back. Below is the truth and this proves that sky is the fraud.

    SkyBlueHope 11:32PM Yes I know xxx, I dont blame you at all I have seen Tour do it to many. This is the main reason why I setup the other forum and having a blast treating all these people like they have treated us for moths. They really think that Roger will be posting on a forum in two day for a question annd answer session lol. I dont think im going to be able to control myself when jcare, yellowass, tour, and rock ask questions to their idol not knowing im on the other end. I just might pee my pants! Anyway, if I get a chance to see Roger doing something else, live, in not too far future (doesn't have to be as big of a show as the Wall), then it will be a total of seven times, beating the 6 times record which he will now tie cm punk with. Dont let these people push you around, there is nothing wrong with sharing something you care about so much. Its not spam to me babe and I will always take your side on that. Dont worry about it because I have them so fooled with this new forum and will pull the rug right from out under them when they least expect it :) xxx Sky 

  • I am so serious about this I am willing to share my account login info for people to see the messages sent from sky to myself for themselves. There was even more evidence against her on my old account but it was deleted because SKY kept
    Complaining to admin about me even though I had not done nothing wrong in the recent past. If you want to login to my account to see the messages for yourself (yes even you Anita) please message me and I will comply if I think your serious. It's time for everything to be in the open and for everyone to know the truth. I admit I don't think like everyone else and I am passionate about but I have never done anything like this and I have never personally attacked people like sky does continually. Really think about the facts. Sky was caught red handed creating the account administration and she doesn't admit it but she was rwadmin and adminrw too and I have the proof to prove it. She also wasthe first to Leave the old forum before the q and a calling it a fraud so she could run it from behind the scenes and laugh her ass off at people thinking they were talking to Roger. She will not stop until anyone is banned who questions her or says that this could have been something else that she says it was. All these things point to me which is so obvious that she did this to you all besides the fact that she. Told me about it multiple times unless she was lying to me but I doubt it because she thought nobody would believe the "spammer"
  • I am so serious about this I am willing to share my account login info for people to see the messages sent from sky to myself for themselves. There was even more evidence against her on my old account but it was deleted because SKY kept
    Complaining to admin about me even though I had not done nothing wrong in the recent past. If you want to login to my account to see the messages for yourself (yes even you Anita) please message me and I will comply if I think your serious. It's time for everything to be in the open and for everyone to know the truth. I admit I don't think like everyone else and I am passionate about but I have never done anything like this and I have never personally attacked people like sky does continually. Really think about the facts. Sky was caught red handed creating the account administration and she doesn't admit it but she was rwadmin and adminrw too and I have the proof to prove it. She also wasthe first to Leave the old forum before the q and a calling it a fraud so she could run it from behind the scenes and laugh her ass off at people thinking they were talking to Roger. She will not stop until anyone is banned who questions her or says that this could have been something else that she says it was. All these things point to me which is so obvious that she did this to you all besides the fact that she. Told me about it multiple times unless she was lying to me but I doubt it because she thought nobody would believe the "spammer"
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope April 2012

    waa waa waa  - Nope, not me, never said that, never emailed you and/or pvt messaged you, in fact, the REAL ADMIN, please check all my messages. You have my permission, to just go ahead and log in as me and see, that I never sent this turkey anything, under any name. Also, I am not or was not "RWADMIN" and in fact you can see that they had me fooled, and left a note on my page, just click on my name, why would i leave a note on my own account that just looks bad for me??? anyway, she was banned so now I know, it wasn't EVEN REA,L....have a great day..:)
    And can we please ban/delete this liar, conspirator and con artist and can we do it today??? I don't think he's even the original baer guy, just posing/using his name.....

  • anitabeat April 2012
    Charlesbaer or however your name is? how can Sky be rwadmin and all what you say when she was very interested on this q & a chat and she couldn't be there and I can say that she was so much interested on this chat that we first supposed it was real, and I can never think that she knew it was fake and she fooled me cos she wasn't I was there and I believed it was real, then a friend of mine,not from here said to me that it could be fake cos it was not posted on any RW official page or forum that he would be live on line with fans, appart from this RW was still in argentina at the time this q & a was going on and it was supposed that he was in brazil and I have read all what you wrote and if you were not saying nothing bad, may be it was only my imagination or I have a kind of senile dementia at this moment, so I am worried about me that I imagine what I am reading. 
  • anitabeat April 2012
    again with that video that I don't understand??? 
  • anitabeat April 2012
    is that you charlesbaer talking there? I have no time for that I have more important things to do than to listen to that video, show me the video of the real q & a chat and I will watch it with interest.
  • anitabeat April 2012
    I remember at that moment Sky asked the rwadmin to accept me as a member of the forum so you mean she was the rwadmin?? ahhhhhh haha so I was so silly believing all ........I don't believe in you! 
  • anitabeat April 2012
    ahhh I forgot something about your link and video spamming allowed here so pls don't post this link anymore.......
  • On and on and fucking on.

    Your like a broken down record Sky lmao.

    Do you honestly think anyone gives a fuck about you and me talking on facebook.

    "We were speaking for a period of about three days on Fb.Then he started getting all weird and possessive on me.Clearly he was very immature for me.And when he got rejected from me he couldnt stand it.

    Skybluenohope you have a magnificent figment of imagination.You are so much in luv with yourself and full of shiat.

    Lets set the record straight the only truth in this bullshiat is.Yes i did ask you to send a pic of your titts.And did ask you genuinely if you would be intrested in coming to Australia to see Roger Waters live.So fucking what.You make it sound like a crime lol.After talking with you for about nearly a month on Fb.I realised what a complete stupid biatch you really are.On and on about your tans and nails and gym and titts and clothes and how so much you are up your fucking self it aint funny.Please dont flatter yourself Sky i wouldnt touch you with a bar of soap nor Roger lol as i said once before.The real reason you deleted me from Fb is because i asked if your Bells Palsy was related to your old Coke habbit.I also tried to appologise to you.That is the truth.I seriously think you have a mental problem Sky.The real reason i despise and hate you so much Sky.Is you named my name over the net awhile ago.For your own fucked up ego.I dont like the way you have treated others in the past.You have no respect for know one other than yourself.You also think you own this fucking forum lol on and on with the shiat you crap on about.Your a complete back stabber liar and fraud.You honestly think i was intrested in you?umbfkm keep dreaming lol.Truly aint intrested in your sagging titts x fucked up face:) Reg.This is my final post to your complete crap Sky.Stay the fuck away from my posts and i will keep my distance from yours k.You have my word on it.

    As for you anitadeadbeat

    deadbeat means drop kick lol.Not as in dead? I suggest you learn more english slang.


    Well said i believe you.Keep it coming lol.

    And as for the true Roger and Floyd fans on here.Im sorry to bore you with this fucking crap k.Shine on ya all.

    Cheers:Prettyboyfloyd :)

  • right on AGREES WITH THIS LAST POST she is whacked
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope April 2012
    Someone pls post theme music to "Jaws" (sharks)
    When can we get back to discussion about Riger and music pls, kill joys. And who started topic, they can't try to read first what's going first? Suspicious to me now
    Anyway, I'm on new windows phone and can't see last posts but only last person who posted name. Reg Waters probably posted something just determined to hate on me too. Where is the moderation again? If it were REALLY me that moderator, this topic gets deleted and anyone dissing others all gone too. I'm very sorry other forum a scan, but not my fault , plain and simple. Anything after that amounts to harassment only, and more lying and just let it go, and move back to music and rw and/or pf and that should be simple enough. I have four shows I put a lot of money into for good summer, for once in my life and nobody should have the right to spoil that for anyone, cyberly or otherwise. Thank u very much.
  • anitabeat May 2012
    I think I am wasting my time if I answer to pbf......if you can't consider that english is not my language but I know you don't consider anything and you know what? all bad that is done, comes back to you. 
    I am really dissapointed that a great band as Pink Floyd have fans like you that would be called uglyboyfloyd and not pity and I am very thankfull that I never met you on fb, and I am sorry that Sky was your friend there. I think she deserves better friends than you.
    I will stop this conversation with people I reallly have no interest on.
    And this is a site to talk about Roger Waters and his tours but unfortunately there are some interested on other things. 
    I am proud and happy that I speak really correct spanish pbf, I don't need your english slang or whatever it could be. 

    Don't waste your time Sky, let's stop with this. And as you see there is nobody else to give a good answer to us...........cause the only one who came agreed with all what was posted by this individual so what???
  • Anita asked me a question, pbf, I answered it, in short. A lot of ppl are actually writing to me asking about you, so yes, they were "interested" to learn how you played me on fb. Reg Waters, you don't know me over a bowl of soup even, and wouldn't recognize me if I walked right by you on the street even, so how do you know what is what except you fell for a scam and really thought that 16 people were having rw to yourselves in a fake q & a, and he wasn't even in Brazil he was still in Argentina, I tried to post the article and make you all aware, but you wanted to ignore the inconvenient truth. NOW, you can only hate on me as your response to that? I didn't perpetrate the fraud, nor did I know or ever have any involvement with any of the ppl involved, except to be fooled by them too.

    Anita, pbf's posts and name calling is fruitless, useless, and everyone can see right thru them. Don't even worry about it, just enjoy yourself posting about Roger and if they insist on being disrespectful for no good reason even, I won't rest until he is banned. He doesn't have the right to try and rain on anyone's parade. PBF, you saw your shows alrleady, and I didn't say one word to you to try to bring you down, and now, your shows, are HISTORY, gone, over with, off the tour map, over, finito, done, and now, it's our turn und he seems as if he's just jealous if you ask me.

    Just like whenever a guy would post on my fb wall, pbf would act all serious and jealous about it asking me "who is that" "whrere do you know him from", etc, etc, making me feel as if I had some commitment to him because we were talking in chat on fb. I know pbf, more ppl than you think. Just because they don't jump on here and follow your bad examples and be posting crap all over the rw forum, doesn't  mean they don't think it and see it. So, you are fooling yourself if you think telling me and Anita all this crap, about your insulting thoughts to me and her, is going to just scare us off after everything I've been thru and seen and survived on here already, you are dreaming. I don't care what you post, I'm not even reading them anymore, skipping right over it and just getting on with the business of rw and the music. If you want to persist, know that, it's only with one fake spammer guy and maybe another twisted dude, reg waters, at best. So, good luck with that, and keep on doing it so I can flag it every time and by the time you get enough of those, you're also
    "history" from this forum. IF it's the last thing I do, I can promise you that much pbf. So SHUT THE FUCK UP and talk about Roger, or find some other place to hurl your insults and name calling, it won't wash on here for much longer, trust me.

  • I wouldn't of minded a little jealous act pbf if you were even a little hot, but you're not...

    And another reason besides answering Anita I even bring it up here is because: IT GOES TO YOUR MOTIVES as to why you would even act like that to me now on here. Because I bet, you can't even point to one post on here by me, to you, that ever was just not in response to something  nasty you posted first, that I ever said anything bad to you on here in the first place. Never tried to bother you, only the other way around. And if this website doens't put a stop to it soon I'll go right over their heads, and get attorneys to make them give up information that we can follow up on to see that it's stopped at the source then. This is ridiculous, it's supposed to be a rw forum but if they're bashing on skybluehope, well then, that's fine now apparently I guess????

    Your motive pbf, or reasons for doing this now, is spite, because I blocked you at end of day on fb. And then didn't reply to any of your subsequent emails. Always has been, you've always acted like you have some justification for your words to me on here, even before any of the ticket scamming ppl and fake admin came along, you were calling me "bitch" etc, etc, etc, for no good reasons. I knew why, but didn't say anything then. Now, everyone who wants to, can email me and I'll gladly forward to you the emails sent to me by pbf last summer, before this forum was even open again, and you will see all I say, is the absolute truth, nothing  more, nothing less, just the truth. His motives are for pure spite, if he thought I was soooo terrible, why keep asking for "more pics" over what I had already posted on my fb? He judged a book by a cover, and...

    And I would "suggest" to you pbf, and anyone else still holding on to unhealthy hostilities, especially with no real justification that I can see, seek professional counseling and discuss it in there, and let go of the anger and get help, get it now, it's nothing to be ashamed of. Roger admits he goes to therapy, I also see someone every 8 weeks, and it helps a lot. So pbf, get help, there are programs to help ppl pay for them if they are needed, and insurances, at least in USA you can get help it might be harder with less money, but there ARE resources for mental health help, I'd suggest, you look into it now before you end up getting yourself way in over your head in trouble for just being angry people. 

  • PS: I'm really sorry but I hadn't seen pbf's post from phone last night, would've met with same reaction though if I had. I hope he means it and will just ignore me and not play games about it, just move on, and don't talk to me, is fine with me. One more abusive post and I'll be sending in a hundred complaints a day, and getting a petition signed on my fb page to add as an attachment, for starters.

    I don't know how he does it but purposely posts designed to get under my skin, is emotional abuse and harassment.

    Pls stop ruining my good moods and I don't care if I ever talk to you again. In fact, he designs his posts to be so insulting, that it makes any further conversating, or progressing, or resolving anything, impossible, knowing that it only provokes me and makes me defensive. Nobody who does that, truly wants just peace and neutrality on this forum.

  • I've got cyber shopping to do....need heels for a dress and then pay for Holiday Inn room in Phillly so I just don't have to worry about traveling back so late on a Sat night by myself most likely using public transportation, also, most likely...can I just feel excited about something and not have to be bought down day after day after day after day after day after day? That's what's "day after day", you provoke, I reply. If I just ignore, then all the LIES, are the first and last things new ppl will see and probably, just believe it ... do you know how many times I was already decided not to post on here for a long while and these people just keep making it, so I have to? Whether it be nasty, and then I feel as if I have to set the facts straight, or be nice, and then I don't want them to feel ignored by me, either way, I would have been not posting for months already on here, save for everything happened.
  • Anita that was Clearly part of her cover having you as a alliby and associate. Anyone can have several screens open and be many places at once on the Internet. I am certain that sky has fakes being a admin because she has admitted so in public that she was "administration" and admitted to me in private that she was rwadmin and the creator and host of other forum and Roger q and a. She has you wrapped around her finger and you need to think about it more.

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