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  • On and on and fucking on.

    Skybluenohope and your little arsewipe follower anitadeadbeat.

    Can you actually read out of that good eye of yours Sky obviously not.I told you the reason why i despise and hate you so much.But your figment of imagination and flapping at the mouth.Just never seems to end,It has totally nothing to do with Fb Wtf dont you understand?.You can believe all you want in your own little dream world reality k.I told the truth and nothing more.Enough said by me.I wont stoop to your mental level.

    Cheers:Prettyboyfloyd /\

  • you have stooped and stooped and stooped, so far down already, that it can't possibly compare to my "mental level" Every time we correspond on here, it's only after you launch a post filled with venomous sounding mysoginistic,hateful remarks and name calling, all of which have NOTHING, to do with anythng I never said, or did to you on this forum. I STOPPED CARING WHY YOU SHOULD HATE ME AND AM A CLOSED BOOK TO YOU FOR OVER A YEAR NOW!!!! So take your problems with me somewhere else, and just SHUT THE FUCK UP AND QUIT WHINING AND MOANING EVERY TIME I MAKE A POST TO DEFEND MYSELF, you sound like a 10 year old learning to have a bad mouth when he grows up.....nothing more. It's not impressive at all, and you're ruining the overall quality of this forum with your unwarranted and continued attackes, SHUT THE FUCK UP, you should quit while you're more than even for any blocking I ever had to do with you on fb, and your last post after you said you were going to ignore me, is more evidence of my reasons why I had to block you in the first place.
  • Seriously, what kind of a grown man does this to any person repeatedly on a public forum???? THIS, is a real grown man? What kind of a sicked warped person are you? What the fuck did I ever do to you pbf, did I threaten you, did I come over to Melbourne and pick on your mama, did I steal from you, did I ever promise you ANYTHING, and then never deliver? NOTHING, NOTTA, you made a jack ass out of yourself, for insulting my bells palsy, as you have done once again here, and oh by the way, it's so much better as I knew it was going to be all along, jack ass. You wish, I have "one eye", who the hell are you to pick on a person's past, present or future, actual physical attributes and/or disabilities??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Pick on me when you know Roger's on tour again and they're busier, but your time is going to come, mark my words.

  • I have stated the facts, throughout several topics as I felt was necessary at the time in regards to fake forum, sorry, you didn't get to have a "vote" if this forum was going to stay open or not, and as a result, you probably thought that would have gotten rid of me, but who are YOU to decide who gets to be a fan of rw and his music or not? They lied to you and used differences between members to keep division so we would not just TALK, and communicate, to confuse and divert, with a puzzle and you're so stupid to have fallen for it, As for real forum and the other real fans, you don't get to decide that, it's HIS business, and all you are doing, is being angry and taking it all out, on the wrong person, an INNOCENT person, jack ass. And then I have to be angry in return, and IT RESOLVES NOTHING. SO, WHY DO YOU KEEP HASSLING ME???? AND HAD IT BEEN YOU THAT FOUND IT OUT FIRST, YOU WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME EXACT THING AS ME, only nobody would be bullying YOU like you do me,

    whatever you say your "reasons" are for "hating" me, it's just bogus bullshit excuse to get yourself off at my expense, and I'll be damned if you will do that to me again. You don't get to get away with having bashed possible physical handicaps of others, under any circumstances. That's what set my buttons off to begin with about you on fb, and as I swore it was intentional then, it is intentional piece of NO LIFE CRAP! GET OVER YOURSELF AND MOVE THE FUCK ON, it's not about you, it's not about me,it's about the music and the artist, asshole, whether you like how I look, or's about the forum and obviously you don't even have enough respect for the artist and the other fans to just stop and think just post and think it's cool you can get away with that for the rest of your life??? I don't want to have to teach anything to a lowlife like pbf, let someone else do it "cheers" gags me with a spoon

  • anitabeat May 2012
    what??? sounds funny charles........
  • anitabeat May 2012
    she made a fake chat? and who were all those persons asking? why should she be so interested in knowing what was going on there and then realizing with me that it was fake? no way to believe in you charles I was there and I know how it was, this was not done by Sky......may be others but not her. It would be silly from her to take me there and then to discover with me that the chat was fake? I know how she was at that moment, so interested and anxious about what was going to happen.......
  • he/she knows that,it's just "tour" using the spammer guys name, and i hope he and pbf burn prompty, in hell....all lies, all designed to bury what was said that was true, and indirect anger/hostility towards other innocent victims of it. Instead of coming together as a community, they would rather to continue to try and keep just throwing me under the bus over it, and it just make me sick and anyone sees pbf's last post and does not also report it for it's offensiveness, is probably as malicious and uncaring as him....
  • Nobody should have to know, that you have "hate" for me pbf all over a music forum, tell it to a therapist, and if you say one more word, tell it to a judge...I didn't ask for you to jump in, it had nothing to do with you, except that until then you were another victim, but now, you're a co conspirator and even an enabler, because you use what you KNOW, to be the scam artists posts, posing as a spammer dude, as some reason why it's cool for you to jump in like THAT, was actual "discussion" when really all it was is the same person that has been banned repeatedly on here already, and is probably on his way out the door agiain soon too
  • anitabeat May 2012

    Private problems or conversations or facebook friendship wouldn't be use here to attack people, so this way of behaviour is very bad......nothing to do with a real Roger Waters forum, pbf you should fix or talk this in private if you have problems with Sky because she didn't accept you but not coming here to attack here again and again.....this is not the business of ppl who comes here for a RW forum not to know about ppl on facebook but other way is usefull for me to understand why you do these things that are not correct to do.........

  • do you know what bells palsy is? it is a condtion where you can be doing anything anywhere at any time, and suddenly for no known reasons and with no known cures, one side of your face starts to lose its muscular ability and actually becomes paralyzed, causing one eye to not be able to blink (you have to tape it shut) and not easily able to talk out of one side of your mouth. It usually, in most cases, will go back to normal on it's own after some time ranging in a week or two to several months, but in some cases, it can stay permanent and you never go back to normal. I've had it four times now over my life, each time, going back to normal withing a few months and another ten years going by before it happens again. the last time before this last "bout" only stayed with me one week. This is what I had last summer again, and when Itried to massage my eye closed it developed into a slilght "ptosis" which is that one eyelid is slilghtly droopier than the other, causing eyes to be unsymmetrical, and was just this past March corrected in a same day surgery procedure. The other times I have the bells palsy, I did not also get the tposis, only this time, and I was theorizing, and right on here talking to ppl about it months and months ago when it first happened, that maybe I shouldn't of staye dout in the sun and that the sun thru the not yet completely strong eye, caused the eyelid to do that.

    So it's pretty low down and dirty and completely without any merit whatsoever, to post that someone has "one eye" over it, and to even refer to it at all. He hasn't seen me, he doesn't know, but that's besides the point. If you see a person that was paralyzed for life and in a wheel chair, are YOU going to be the one that calls then "stiffhead" or some other derrogatory term in reference to their disability? ONly a total moron would do that to anyone, at any time.....

  • anitabeat May 2012

    Do you think he has real interest in knowing what does bell palsy means Sky? don't waste your time, not human being can't make fun of any others health problem, I wish he never has to deal with an illness or some health trouble then he will think of how bad he was with others.......he won't even mention this here. Is the worse thing to everybody can see how he is. 

  • lol Anita, of course he has no real interest in knowing the facts, but in case you or anyone else didn't know, there's the truth of it... xxxxx
  • ok, he said "out of that good eye of yours" implying, I had only one eye, like i'm a cyclops now or something, is the most insulting and irredeemable NON quality I like to look for in a guy!! (not)

  • anitabeat May 2012
    I knew this before Sky I know it very well and I understand it and nobody has the right to laugh or make comments about this or others health problems and also made this public, only you if you wanted to should talk about this here......xxxxxxx
  • Thanks Anita for sticking with me, and not letting them "divide" even are smart to see thru it!! xxxx
  • Anita, something weird happening to my fb, it won't take me to timeline, something weird is happening, i was trying to answer your message, and then it froze, and when i tried to get out and then back on, it just completely reconfigured and didn't look the same, so hope it's just a temp glitch....
  • it's ok now, that was weird xxxx
  • I am not tour I hated that fucker more then I hate pollution! I am Charles Baer from bend, OR and I have openly given any member the chance to login in to MY account to review the messages sent to me by skybluenohope. Anita if you don't believe me send me a message and I will reply with my account login info so you can read what sky said for yourself. This women is clearly lying to you for her benefit using you as a pawn in her master plan that has failed and now she is hiding behind vulgar insults and you. Why do you think so many people come on here and argue with her? Because we all know she is a bad bad bad person who hides behind a computer screen making peoples lives misrable! Admin is here they are not "busy with the tour" I have been in talking with them so they can review the messages sent to me by sky and she will end up banned from this forum and if you keep defending her your going to follow her right down the same path. Anita I don't think you know what your getting yourself into with this women. I think your a nice person and your lack of being able to read English properly is allowing you to be tricked into a hoax by a fraud. She is blaming people and putting people down that are No longer here to defend themselves against it making herself look to be a hero when Infact it was her behind the scheme all along. I have given you the proof And I have offered more proof to any member willing to look as well as the real admin. Do not send messages to the other admin accounts because that it sky-blue accounts and she will continue to trick you. Prettyboyfloyd do not back down from this lunatic I understand what your going through and fully back your position in a sky blue free world. She is a fake / her boobies her tan her fraud forum her fraud Roger q and a and her fake explanation of it all blaming it on others. This is the crime of the century and she will burn on the cross
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • I'm not "skybluenohope", so whatever variation of my name you come up with next, the admin, the REAL admin, knows the difference and can easily read the IP addresses, and also, I reiterate my permission to check all my pvt messages too, because on here, nobody can delete the messages, and everything I ever sent or received, is still all be my guest, if you actually start to believe even one word this IDIOT, who isn't even the spmmer guy, when did the spammer guy ,EVER, have that many words to say??? NEVER!! Only video links, but nice ttry xxxxx
  • and also still there, sometimes lengthy conversations between myself and the FAKE "RWADMIN" who implied a lot of things in those messages they never had the right to say. Laws have been broken alright, but I'm not the criminal, they are. And burning on the cross, you embarass me to call myself an American in your company and encouraging disability bashing is just as low as the actual bashing...

    It's gone from ridiculous to absolultely absurd and I feel as if these two bashers and liars should both be banned, and this topic deleted. Does this website want a forum talking about Roger and music again, or does it not??/ I tried to tell the truth, the other forum is shut down, now pls stop them from continuing to just use this forum as a means of getting even for that;.

  • anitabeat May 2012

    Thanks Charles Baer for your advertising, may be I am so blind and was not Sky that day asking me so anxiously what went on on that q & a chat....why should she do this? and then trying to really know if it was real or not? may be I am very blind and one day I will notice I was very wrong......for the moment I prefer to sleep........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  • Skybluenohope

    Yeah forgot to mention your vocabulary is cheap gutter trash lmfao.


                                                                  "Yeah yeah"



    Cheers:Prettyboyfloyd :)

  • pbf: blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blahy blah zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • these two clowns clearly have no lives....
  • and the next time someone is bashing on a friend of yours, or even maybe one of these days what will become, your OWN disability, let's see how clean and perfect, your mouth would be, hypocrite....
  • provoke and taunt, say whatever you want, but if I reply, I"M "cheap gutter trash"?? I think your ploys have to be obvious to more than just me, and the karma will bite you in your lonely, ugly fat pathetic ass. UGLY ass...
  • vulgur and you are a coward.....

  • any more names and insults and straight up lies you think you can get away with posting and I'm supposed to just sit back and not have anything to say in my defense??? you're so crazy you need to be doing this on here, it is just so plain and obvious and sooooooooooooooooooo beyond pathetic, get a life, move on, there are plenty of other places you can go, you don't have to keep name calling to feel justified that you got some replies out of me, wack jobs.
  • Isn't it funny, that every time the last three posts pbf says "that's the last I'm going to ever say to you" or "that's it", it really isn't he just can't resist, he has to come back and take more cheap shots??? he doesn't mean what he says about anything, he's a low life...feel sorry for Roger he has to play to people like you.
  • anitabeat May 2012
    what you last said is so real....Roger has to play to so low people...
  • no wonder he goes "off" with a machine gun :D from now on if I see "new" to this topic, unless I see YOUR name as the last person who posted in it, I'm not even clicking on it. They can say all they want, if it was true, I'd of been banned from here months ago by now......
  • Look, SkyBlue, you don't need to be so accusatory all the time. I haven't read all of this (I don't have time to right now), but I saw your first post was saying that I am trying to take all the credit for exposing the fraud...

    You fail to notice the fact that my first post on that thread is quite embaressing to me, yet I don't try to cover up the fact that I was among the fooled who left this forum. Eventually, when I came back on here and went back to that thread I credited you with being the first one to notice. The only reason I posted that thread to Stokeblokes question/comment in the first place was because I felt that I  had documented many things that happened on the fake forum on there. I figured if he wanted to see the details of how it all went down in the end, I was there, and I was the one who contacted Amnesty International about the ticket fraud claims. In fact, it is very  possible that is what inevitably caused them to have to take down the fake forum. Amnesty told me there were going to contact Roger Waters manager about it, and only two days later, the fake Amnesty ticket claims came off the fake blog site. The whole city crumbled after that, end of story.

    Why do we even have to keep treading over this anymore. Can't everyone here just get along? I am trying to help weed out these trolls on here too ya know. I've been away from the computer for a few days.

  • It's not "accusatory" and if it got closed down after I shouted for weeks on here with noone listening, it's because everyone started to get emails back too and they knew their number was up. Also, maybe it also had something to do with the fact that I posted "how can they have the AUDACITY to still keep that forum open", and the next day, it was closed down. It's not accusatory, but it was a little suspicious to me. And I appreciate the help though, don't get me wrong, but where are you to help when I'm being bashed for a possible physical handicap, and are you even concerned about that or are you only concerned when it directly involved yourself? I could've just went away and shut up and let you all continue to believe what you wanted, but instead, I stayed and posted and posted and posted, to my own detriment even, for the greater good of EVERYBODY, not just myself, so think about that pls....have a great day, I can't be here all day I have ten miles to run today and ten pounds to lose in about 7-8 weeks only now....if I can lose 15 is even better....
  • Yellow: you should skim thru at least and see what is really going on here. That's half the problem when ppl "don't read,". I don't blame y for not reading a spammers posts though, but as long as it's just me they are harassing, then it's alright with you as long as it's not you? I'm just saying, one "fan" joining un with a known spammer, pbf, is just to provoke me into replying and there is nothing cool about that. What's wrong with that picture? You want the link to topic you started once also, disbelieving me in first place, and also some name calling in it? You're no saint either yellow, all due. Now tell that "get along" advice to fake spammer and pbf next time they even post one more LIE about me, ty!!
  • Pss: despite all the problems on here, I always liked you Yellow, and fought to get you and others back here. Now, 95% are not even on here anymore, why should we let spammers and bullies be only thing almost on here anymore? Haven't they ruined enough???
  • I do appreciate what you did to keep the word spreading about the other forum being fake. It took time for the people at this forum to e-mail me back about it, and frankly with all of the weirdness going on here, how am I supposed to know who to trust. That being said, yes we all make mistakes. You also said I put words in your mouth about the fake admin thing?! I don't know where it is now, but there was a comment from you on this message board (possibly between you and tour) where you stated that you made a fake admin name to prove the point that anyone could do it. I thought that was brilliant actually - and I could've sworn I saw that you admitted to it. I did not expect you to get mad at be for bringing that up when I only brought it up as a way of defending you against a spammer who keeps repeating that you made a fake admin name (which is one of your other complaints - that people don't defend you against spammers).

    You private messaged me about that actually, asking why I wasn't defending you from the attacks from fake users and spammers. As I told you in the private message and I'll tell you again and for the last time:
    It doesn't matter to me who a spammer is attacking, even if it is me! You are only encouraging them if you talk to them at all. I suggest you ignore them, the best thing to do is contact the Admin and get rid of them or flag their posts - and I have been helping you using those methods. But I refuse to continue to get wrapped up in this drama. I also don't have hours and hours of my life to spend reading 80 posts in a thread after I've been away from the computer for several days.

    I am here to talk about Roger Waters and Pink Floyd music and I suspect the reason why 95% of the old users aren't back is because they got tired of the drama on here.
  • drama, created by scam artists and liars using known scam tactics and dividing people and even scaring them into line, and you're also, a co-participant in a fraudulent q & a. I am sorry, but I was asked not by you, but by real admin, once again, to spread the word and I did and you didn't like the truth just like others who took it out on me, and now you'd like to paint yourself like some perfect little innocent saint and play with words to cleverly manipulate the situation as some opportunity you think would work to your advantage to "make friends with Roger", which is what YOU told me in pvt msg, and if I asked you for anything it wasn't "help" just cooperation in helping me to STOP the "drama" which you imply is now ME. the drama was caused by the fraud, I spread the word, you found out very much later and then jumped on here as if you knew all along when you didn't. If you don't read the posts you're only spiting yourself, and staying ignorant, and I for one know everythng posted by almost everybody, since day numero uno. I read them all save for the ones not in English.

    And people impersonating Roger and Co, and even more, is "rw related material" and if you could just HELP, and stop trying to be some credit hog, then maybe people would stop feeling so encouraged to just jump in and take cheap shots at me and call me names like adolescents, every time I try to post whether it be now in defense of something you or others said, or whether it be just to try and have fun again and talk in other topics.

    So, with that being said, if you can't be bothered to just read what is happening and post with actual real insight instead of just trying to be "miss intelligent", all of a sudden, then I can't be bothered to read your crap, which by the way, Kuno and many of your other topics, have NOTHING, to do with this rw forum and/or his music, just for the record.

    IF you really mean half of the bs I can now tell is mostly what you seem to want to say in regards to me and "help" is something I don't need from a total stranger unless it is in regards to a forum community we both now share, then at least stop trying to act like it's a different way. Just because YOU don't read up on the past on here, doesn't mean everyone else that was here before, or the 95%, has not. And their reasons for not posting on here, is not because of me, it's because of what happened to them, which had nothing to do with me, so I'd appreciate it if you'd just stop trying to imply otherwise as I have been a positive, contributing member to this forum for over 11 months now, thank you very much.

    And that, is the truth, and ... all she wrote......

    Except that I did want to apologize for my REACTIONS, to name calling and misconstrued words/posts, and being angry also and for cursing to the rest of the rw/pf fans on here, and most will already know that I'm just not usually like that. And other than that, you can't find a single place on this entire forum since day one where I just came out and started harassing anybody, never happened. Not on here, and not anywhere. In fact it's been the opposite having to block, and so they see this place as a way to get at me instead. Something that I USED to share with other former strippers was comraderie and a sense of working together, and actually NOT being all catty and/or competitive with each other, unlike you Yellow, you don't share that same "sisterhood" value with me, at all. Everything anyone is supposedly "justified" in being angry at me at, had nothing to do with this forum, just for the record. Except that maybe they can't stand that they can't have control over who can stay and go or not....

  • OK thanks for keeping me informed what went on.  There was a few things in the QA I didn't believe Roger Waters would say.  
    All water under the bridge now.

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